Channel Models#

Base Class#

Ion(size[, name])

Base class for ions.

IonChannel(size[, name])

Base class for ion channels.

Sodium Channel Models#

INa(size[, E, g_max, T, V_sh, method, name])

The sodium current model.

INa_v2(size[, E, g_max, method, name])

Potassium Channel Models#

PotassiumChannel(size[, name])

Base class for potassium channel.

IK_DR(size[, E, g_max, T, T_base, V_sh, ...])

The delayed rectifier potassium channel current.

IK2(size[, E, g_max, method, name])

Calcium Channel Models#

Calcium(size[, method, name])

The base calcium dynamics.

CalciumFixed(size[, E, C, method, name])

Fixed Calcium dynamics.

CalciumDetailed(size[, d, C_rest, tau, C_0, ...])

Dynamical Calcium model.

CalciumAbstract(size[, alpha, beta, ...])

The first-order calcium concentration model.

CalciumChannel(size[, name])

Base class for Calcium ion channels.

IAHP(size[, E, g_max, method, name])

The calcium-dependent potassium current model.

ICaN(size[, E, g_max, phi, method, name])

The calcium-activated non-selective cation channel model.

ICaT(size[, T, T_base_p, T_base_q, g_max, ...])

The low-threshold T-type calcium current model.

ICaT_RE(size[, T, T_base_p, T_base_q, ...])

The low-threshold T-type calcium current model in thalamic reticular nucleus.

ICaHT(size[, T, T_base_p, T_base_q, g_max, ...])

The high-threshold T-type calcium current model.

ICaL(size[, T, T_base_p, T_base_q, g_max, ...])

The L-type calcium channel model.

Ih Channel Models#

IhChannel(size[, name])

Base class for Ih channel models.

Ih(size[, g_max, E, phi, method, name])

The hyperpolarization-activated cation current model.

Leaky Channel Models#

LeakyChannel(size[, name])

Base class for leaky channel.

IL(size[, g_max, E, method, name])

The leakage channel current.

IKL(size[, g_max, E, method, name])

The potassium leak channel current.