class brainpy.dyn.runners.DSRunner(target, inputs=(), dt=None, **kwargs)[source]#

The runner for dynamical systems.

  • target (DynamicalSystem) – The target model to run.

  • inputs (list, tuple) –

    The inputs for the target DynamicalSystem. It should be the format of [(target, value, [type, operation])], where target is the input target, value is the input value, type is the input type (such as “fix”, “iter”, “func”), operation is the operation for inputs (such as “+”, “-”, “*”, “/”, “=”).

    • target: should be a string. Can be specified by the absolute access or relative access.

    • value: should be a scalar, vector, matrix, iterable function or objects.

    • type: should be a string. “fix” means the input value is a constant. “iter” means the input value can be changed over time. “func” mean the input is obtained through the functional call.

    • operation: should be a string, support +, -, *, /, =.

    • Also, if you want to specify multiple inputs, just give multiple (target, value, [type, operation]), for example [(target1, value1), (target2, value2)].

__init__(target, inputs=(), dt=None, **kwargs)[source]#


__init__(target[, inputs, dt])




run(duration[, start_t])