Source code for brainpy.base.naming

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import logging

from brainpy import errors

logger = logging.getLogger('brainpy.base.naming')

__all__ = [

_name2id = dict()
_typed_names = {}

[docs]def check_name_uniqueness(name, obj): """Check the uniqueness of the name for the object type.""" if not name.isidentifier(): raise errors.BrainPyError(f'"{name}" isn\'t a valid identifier ' f'according to Python language definition. ' f'Please choose another name.') if name in _name2id: if _name2id[name] != id(obj): raise errors.UniqueNameError( f'In BrainPy, each object should have a unique name. ' f'However, we detect that {obj} has a used name "{name}". \n' f'If you try to run multiple trials, you may need \n\n' f'>>> brainpy.base.clear_name_cache() \n\n' f'to clear all cached names. ' ) else: _name2id[name] = id(obj)
[docs]def get_unique_name(type_): """Get the unique name for the given object type.""" if type_ not in _typed_names: _typed_names[type_] = 0 name = f'{type_}{_typed_names[type_]}' _typed_names[type_] += 1 return name
[docs]def clear_name_cache(ignore_warn=False): """Clear the cached names.""" _name2id.clear() _typed_names.clear() if not ignore_warn: logger.warning(f'All named models and their ids are cleared.')