Source code for brainpy.dyn.neurons.noise_groups

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from typing import Union, Callable

from brainpy import math as bm, initialize as init
from brainpy.dyn.base import NeuGroup
from brainpy.initialize import Initializer
from brainpy.integrators.sde import sdeint
from brainpy.modes import Mode, normal
from brainpy.types import Array, Shape

__all__ = [

[docs]class OUProcess(NeuGroup): r"""The Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process. The Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process :math:`x_{t}` is defined by the following stochastic differential equation: .. math:: \tau dx_{t}=-\theta \,x_{t}\,dt+\sigma \,dW_{t} where :math:`\theta >0` and :math:`\sigma >0` are parameters and :math:`W_{t}` denotes the Wiener process. Parameters ---------- size: int, sequence of int The model size. mean: Parameter The noise mean value. sigma: Parameter The noise amplitude. tau: Parameter The decay time constant. method: str The numerical integration method for stochastic differential equation. name: str The model name. """
[docs] def __init__( self, size: Shape, mean: Union[float, Array, Initializer, Callable] = 0., sigma: Union[float, Array, Initializer, Callable] = 1., tau: Union[float, Array, Initializer, Callable] = 10., method: str = 'exp_euler', keep_size: bool = False, mode: Mode = normal, name: str = None, ): super(OUProcess, self).__init__(size=size, name=name, keep_size=keep_size, mode=mode) # parameters self.mean = init.parameter(mean, self.varshape, allow_none=False) self.sigma = init.parameter(sigma, self.varshape, allow_none=False) self.tau = init.parameter(tau, self.varshape, allow_none=False) # variables self.x = init.variable_(lambda s: bm.ones(s) * self.mean, self.varshape, mode) # integral functions self.integral = sdeint(f=self.df, g=self.dg, method=method)
def reset_state(self, batch_size=None): self.x.value = init.variable_(lambda s: bm.ones(s) * self.mean, self.varshape, batch_size) def df(self, x, t): return (self.mean - x) / self.tau def dg(self, x, t): return self.sigma def update(self, tdi): self.x.value = self.integral(self.x, tdi['t'], tdi['dt'])