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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import numpy as np
from jax.tree_util import register_pytree_node
from jax.util import safe_zip

__all__ = [

[docs]class DotDict(dict): """Python dictionaries with advanced dot notation access. For example: >>> d = DotDict({'a': 10, 'b': 20}) >>> d.a 10 >>> d['a'] 10 >>> d.c # this will raise a KeyError KeyError: 'c' >>> d.c = 30 # but you can assign a value to a non-existing item >>> d.c 30 In general, all attributes will be included ad keys in the dict. For example, if you add an attribute to specify what variable names you have: >>> d.names = ('a', 'b') This attribute `names` will cause error when you treat the object as a PyTree. >>> from jax import jit >>> f = jit(lambda x: x) >>> f(d) TypeError: Argument 'a' of type <class 'str'> is not a valid JAX type. At this moment, you can label this attribute `names` as not a key in the dictionary by using the syntax:: >>> d.add_attr_not_key('names') >>> f(d) {'a': DeviceArray(10, dtype=int32, weak_type=True), 'b': DeviceArray(20, dtype=int32, weak_type=True), 'c': DeviceArray(30, dtype=int32, weak_type=True)} """ '''Used to exclude variables that ''' attrs_not_keys = ('attrs_not_keys', 'var_names')
[docs] def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.__dict__ = self self.var_names = ()
def keys(self): """Retrieve all keys in the dict, excluding ignored keys.""" keys = [] for k in super(DotDict, self).keys(): if k not in self.attrs_not_keys: keys.append(k) return tuple(keys) def values(self): """Retrieve all values in the dict, excluding values of ignored keys.""" values = [] for k, v in super(DotDict, self).items(): if k not in self.attrs_not_keys: values.append(v) return tuple(values) def items(self): """Retrieve all items in the dict, excluding ignored items.""" items = [] for k, v in super(DotDict, self).items(): if k not in self.attrs_not_keys: items.append((k, v)) return items def to_numpy(self): """Change all values to numpy arrays.""" for key in tuple(self.keys()): self[key] = np.asarray(self[key]) def add_attr_not_key(self, *args): """Add excluded attribute when retrieving dictionary keys. """ for arg in args: if not isinstance(arg, str): raise TypeError('Only support string.') self.attrs_not_keys += args
register_pytree_node( DotDict, lambda x: (x.values(), x.keys()), lambda keys, values: DotDict(safe_zip(keys, values)) )