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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import _thread as thread
import threading
from typing import Optional, Tuple, Callable, Union, Sequence, TypeVar

import numpy as np
from jax import lax
from jax.experimental import host_callback
from import tqdm

__all__ = [

T = TypeVar('T')

[docs]def replicate( element: Union[T, Sequence[T]], num_replicate: int, name: str, ) -> Tuple[T, ...]: """Replicates entry in `element` `num_replicate` if needed.""" if isinstance(element, (str, bytes)) or not isinstance(element, return (element,) * num_replicate elif len(element) == 1: return tuple(element * num_replicate) elif len(element) == num_replicate: return tuple(element) else: raise TypeError(f"{name} must be a scalar or sequence of length 1 or " f"sequence of length {num_replicate}.")
[docs]def not_customized(fun: Callable) -> Callable: """Marks the given module method is not implemented. Methods wrapped in @not_customized can define submodules directly within the method. For instance:: @not_customized init_fb(self): ... @not_customized def feedback(self): ... """ fun.not_customized = True return fun
[docs]def size2num(size): if isinstance(size, (int, np.integer)): return size elif isinstance(size, (tuple, list)): a = 1 for b in size: a *= b return a else: raise ValueError(f'Do not support type {type(size)}: {size}')
[docs]def to_size(x) -> Optional[Tuple[int]]: if isinstance(x, (tuple, list)): return tuple(x) if isinstance(x, (int, np.integer)): return (x, ) if x is None: return x raise ValueError(f'Cannot make a size for {x}')
[docs]def timeout(s): """Add a timeout parameter to a function and return it. Parameters ---------- s : float Time limit in seconds. Returns ------- func : callable Functional results. Or, raise an error of KeyboardInterrupt. """ def outer(fn): def inner(*args, **kwargs): timer = threading.Timer(s, thread.interrupt_main) timer.start() try: result = fn(*args, **kwargs) finally: timer.cancel() return result return inner return outer
[docs]def init_progress_bar(duration, dt, report=0.01, message=None): """Setup a progress bar.""" if message is None: message = f"Running a duration of {duration}" num_samples = int(duration / dt) print_rate = int(duration * report / dt) remainder = num_samples % print_rate tqdm_bars = {} def _define_tqdm(arg, transform): tqdm_bars[0] = tqdm(np.arange(0, duration, dt)) tqdm_bars[0].set_description(message, refresh=False) def _update_tqdm(num_processed, transform): tqdm_bars[0].update(num_processed * dt) def _update_progress_bar(num_iter): _ = lax.cond( num_iter == 0, lambda _: host_callback.id_tap(_define_tqdm, None, result=num_iter), lambda _: num_iter, operand=None, ) _ = lax.cond( # update tqdm every multiple of `print_rate` except at the end (num_iter % print_rate == 0) & (num_iter != num_samples - remainder), lambda _: host_callback.id_tap(_update_tqdm, print_rate, result=num_iter), lambda _: num_iter, operand=None, ) _ = lax.cond( # update tqdm by `remainder` num_iter == num_samples - remainder, lambda _: host_callback.id_tap(_update_tqdm, remainder, result=num_iter), lambda _: num_iter, operand=None, ) def _close_tqdm(arg, transform): tqdm_bars[0].close() def close_tqdm(iter_num): return lax.cond( iter_num == num_samples - 1, lambda _: host_callback.id_tap(_close_tqdm, None, result=None), lambda _: None, operand=None, ) def _progress_bar(iter_num): _update_progress_bar(iter_num) close_tqdm(iter_num) return _progress_bar