brainpy.datasets.chaos.mackey_glass_series(duration, dt=0.1, beta=2.0, gamma=1.0, tau=2.0, n=9.65, inits=None, method='rk4', seed=None, progress_bar=False, numpy_mon=False)[source]#

The Mackey-Glass time series.

Its dynamics is governed by


rac{dP(t)}{dt} = rac{eta P(t - au)}{1 + P(t - au)^n} - gamma P(t)

where $eta = 0.2$, $gamma = 0.1$, $n = 10$, and the time delay $ au = 17$. $ au$ controls the chaotic behaviour of the equations (the higher it is, the more chaotic the timeserie becomes.)

duration: int dt: float, int, optional beta: float, JaxArray gamma: float, JaxArray tau: float, JaxArray n: float, JaxArray inits: optional, float, JaxArray method: str seed: optional, int progress_bar: bool

result: dict

The time series data which contain