Base Class#

DynamicalSystem([name, mode])

Base Dynamical System class.

Container(*ds_tuple[, name, mode])

Container object which is designed to add other instances of DynamicalSystem.

Network(*ds_tuple[, name, mode])

Base class to model network objects, an alias of Container.

Sequential(*modules[, name, mode])

System(*ds_tuple[, name, mode])

Channel(size[, name, keep_size, mode])

Abstract channel class.

NeuGroup(size[, keep_size, name, mode])

Base class to model neuronal groups.

CondNeuGroup(size[, keep_size, C, A, V_th, ...])

Base class to model conductance-based neuron group.

SynConn(pre, post[, conn, name, mode])

Base class to model two-end synaptic connections.

TwoEndConn(pre, post[, conn, output, stp, ...])

Base class to model synaptic connections.

SynOut([name, target_var])

Base class for synaptic current output.

NullSynOut([name, target_var])

SynSTP(*args, **kwargs)

Base class for synaptic short-term plasticity.

NullSynSTP(*args, **kwargs)

SynLTP(*args, **kwargs)

Base class for synaptic long-term plasticity.

NullSynLTP(*args, **kwargs)

DSView(target, index[, varshape, name, mode])

DSView, an object used to get a view of a dynamical system instance.

NeuGroupView(target, index[, name, mode])

A view for a neuron group instance.