brainpy.math.disp(mesg, device=None, linefeed=True)[source]#

Display a message on a device.

  • mesg (str) – Message to display.

  • device (object) – Device to write message. If None, defaults to sys.stdout which is very similar to print. device needs to have write() and flush() methods.

  • linefeed (bool, optional) – Option whether to print a line feed or not. Defaults to True.


AttributeError – If device does not have a write() or flush() method.


Besides sys.stdout, a file-like object can also be used as it has both required methods:

>>> from io import StringIO
>>> buf = StringIO()
>>> np.disp(u'"Display" in a file', device=buf)
>>> buf.getvalue()
'"Display" in a file\n'