Control Flows#

make_loop(body_fun, dyn_vars[, out_vars, ...])

Make a for-loop function, which iterate over inputs.

make_while(cond_fun, body_fun, dyn_vars)

Make a while-loop function.

make_cond(true_fun, false_fun[, dyn_vars])

Make a condition (if-else) function.

cond(pred, true_fun, false_fun, operands[, ...])

Simple conditional statement (if-else) with instance of Variable.

ifelse(conditions, branches[, operands, ...])

If-else control flows looks like native Pythonic programming.

for_loop(body_fun, dyn_vars, operands[, ...])

for-loop control flow with Variable.

while_loop(body_fun, cond_fun, dyn_vars, ...)

while-loop control flow with Variable.