brainpy.math.operators.syn2post_softmax(syn_values, post_ids, post_num, indices_are_sorted=False)[source]#

The syn-to-post softmax computation.

  • syn_values (jax.numpy.ndarray, JaxArray, Variable) – The synaptic values.

  • post_ids (jax.numpy.ndarray, JaxArray) – The post-synaptic neuron ids. If post_ids is generated by brainpy.conn.TwoEndConnector, then it has sorted indices. Otherwise, this function cannot guarantee indices are sorted. You’s better set indices_are_sorted=False.

  • post_num (int) – The number of the post-synaptic neurons.

  • indices_are_sorted (whether post_ids is known to be sorted.) –


post_val – The post-synaptic value.

Return type

jax.numpy.ndarray, JaxArray