class brainpy.nn.runners.RNNRunner(target, jit=True, **kwargs)[source]#

Structural Runner for Recurrent Neural Networks.

  • target (Node) – The target model for simulation.

  • monitors (None, list of str, tuple of str, Monitor) – Variables to monitor.

  • jit (bool) – Whether we use JIT compilation to accelerate the model simulation.

  • progress_bar (bool) – Whether we use progress bar to report the simulation progress.

  • dyn_vars (Optional, dict) – The dynamically changed variables.

  • numpy_mon_after_run (bool) – Change the monitored iterm into NumPy arrays.

__init__(target, jit=True, **kwargs)[source]#


__init__(target[, jit])

predict(xs[, forced_states, ...])

Predict a series of input data with the given target model.