BrainPy documentation#

BrainPy is a highly flexible and extensible framework targeting on the high-performance Brain Dynamics Programming (BDP). Among its key ingredients, BrainPy supports:

  • JIT compilation and automatic differentiation for class objects.

  • Numerical methods for ordinary differential equations (ODEs), stochastic differential equations (SDEs), delay differential equations (DDEs), fractional differential equations (FDEs), etc.

  • Dynamics simulation tools for various brain objects, like neurons, synapses, networks, soma, dendrites, channels, and even more.

  • Dynamics training tools with various machine learning algorithms, like FORCE learning, ridge regression, back-propagation, etc.

  • Dynamics analysis tools for differential equations, including phase plane analysis, bifurcation analysis, linearization analysis, and fixed/slow point finding.

  • And more others ……

Comprehensive examples of BrainPy please see:

The code of BrainPy is open-sourced at GitHub:

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