brainpy.neurons module

brainpy.neurons module#

This module has been deprecated since brainpy>=2.4.0. Use brainpy.dyn module instead.

From brainpy>=2.4.3, most of models in brainpy.neurons have been reimplemented with brainpy.dyn module.

However, brainpy.neurons is still independent from brainpy.dyn module.

The most significant difference between models in brainpy.neurons and brainpy.dyn is that:

  • the former only support the integration style without liquid time constant (which means that the time constants in these neuron models are fixed once initialization)

  • the former supports the integration with SDE by specifying the noise parameter. For example, brainpy.neurons.HH(size, ..., noise=1.)

  • the former has one additional input variable for receiving external inputs.

Biological Models#

HH(*args[, input_var])

Hodgkin–Huxley neuron model.

MorrisLecar(*args[, input_var])

The Morris-Lecar neuron model.

PinskyRinzelModel(size[, keep_size, gNa, ...])

The Pinsky and Rinsel (1994) model.

WangBuzsakiModel(*args[, input_var])

Wang-Buzsaki model [9]_, an implementation of a modified Hodgkin-Huxley model.

Fractional-order Models#

FractionalNeuron(size[, keep_size, ...])

Fractional-order neuron model.

FractionalFHR(size, alpha[, num_memory, a, ...])

The fractional-order FH-R model [1]_.

FractionalIzhikevich(size, alpha, num_memory)

Fractional-order Izhikevich model [10]_.

Reduced Models#

LeakyIntegrator(size[, keep_size, V_rest, ...])

Leaky Integrator Model.

LIF(*args[, input_var, spike_fun])

Leaky integrate-and-fire neuron model.

ExpIF(*args[, input_var, noise, spike_fun])

Exponential integrate-and-fire neuron model.

AdExIF(*args[, input_var, spike_fun])

Adaptive exponential integrate-and-fire neuron model.

QuaIF(*args[, input_var, spike_fun])

Quadratic Integrate-and-Fire neuron model.

AdQuaIF(*args[, input_var, spike_fun])

Adaptive quadratic integrate-and-fire neuron model.

GIF(*args[, input_var, spike_fun])

Generalized Integrate-and-Fire model.

Izhikevich(*args[, input_var, spike_fun])

The Izhikevich neuron model.

HindmarshRose(size[, a, b, c, d, r, s, ...])

Hindmarsh-Rose neuron model.

FHN(size[, a, b, tau, Vth, V_initializer, ...])

FitzHugh-Nagumo neuron model.

ALIFBellec2020(size[, keep_size, V_rest, ...])

Leaky Integrate-and-Fire model with SFA [1]_.

LIF_SFA_Bellec2020(size[, keep_size, ...])

Leaky Integrate-and-Fire model with SFA [1]_.