class brainpy.dyn.Integrator(size, keep_size=False, sharding=None, name=None, mode=None, tau=10.0, x_initializer=ZeroInit, method='exp_auto', init_var=True)[source]#

Integrator Model.

This class implements an integrator model, in which its dynamics is given by:

\[\tau \frac{dx}{dt} = - x(t) + I(t)\]

where \(x\) is the integrator value, and \(\tau\) is the time constant.

reset_state(batch_size=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Reset function which resets local states in this model.

Simply speaking, this function should implement the logic of resetting of local variables in this node.

See for details.

supported_modes: Optional[Sequence[bm.Mode]] = (<class 'brainpy._src.math.modes.TrainingMode'>, <class 'brainpy._src.math.modes.NonBatchingMode'>)#

Supported computing modes.


The function to specify the updating rule.