class brainpy.dyn.AdditiveCoupling(coupling_var, var_to_output, conn_mat, delay_steps=None, initial_delay_data=None, name=None, mode=None)[source]#

Additive coupling.

This class simulates the model of:

coupling = g * delayed_coupling_var
target_var += coupling
  • coupling_var (Variable) – The coupling variable, used for delay.

  • var_to_output (Variable, sequence of Variable) – The target variables to output.

  • conn_mat (ArrayType) – The connection matrix.

  • delay_steps (int, ArrayType) – The matrix of delay time steps. Must be int.

  • initial_delay_data (Initializer, Callable) – The initializer of the initial delay data.

  • name (str) – The name of the model.


The function to specify the updating rule.