class brainpy.analysis.PhasePlane1D(model, target_vars, fixed_vars=None, target_pars=None, pars_update=None, resolutions=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Phase plane analyzer for 1D dynamical system.

This class can help users fast check:

  • Vector fields

  • Fixed points

  • model (Any) – A model of the population, the integrator function, or a list/tuple of integrator functions.

  • target_vars (dict) – The target/dynamical variables.

  • fixed_vars (dict) – The fixed variables.

  • target_pars (dict, optional) – The parameters which can be dynamical varied.

  • pars_update (dict, optional) – The parameters to update.

  • resolutions (float, dict)

plot_fixed_point(show=False, with_plot=True, with_return=False)[source]#

Plot the fixed point.

plot_vector_field(show=False, with_plot=True, with_return=False)[source]#

Plot the vector filed.