class brainpy.math.set_host_device_count(n)[source]#

By default, XLA considers all CPU cores as one device. This utility tells XLA that there are n host (CPU) devices available to use. As a consequence, this allows parallel mapping in JAX jax.pmap() to work in CPU platform.


This utility only takes effect at the beginning of your program. Under the hood, this sets the environment variable XLA_FLAGS=–xla_force_host_platform_device_count=[num_devices], where [num_device] is the desired number of CPU devices n.


Our understanding of the side effects of using the xla_force_host_platform_device_count flag in XLA is incomplete. If you observe some strange phenomenon when using this utility, please let us know through our issue or forum page. More information is available in this JAX issue.


n (int) – number of devices to use.