brainpy.inputs module

brainpy.inputs module#

section_input(values, durations[, dt, ...])

Format an input current with different sections.

constant_input(I_and_duration[, dt])

Format constant input in durations.

spike_input(sp_times, sp_lens, sp_sizes, ...)

Format current input like a series of short-time spikes.

ramp_input(c_start, c_end, duration[, ...])

Get the gradually changed input current.

wiener_process(duration[, dt, n, t_start, ...])

Stimulus sampled from a Wiener process, i.e. drawn from standard normal distribution N(0, sqrt(dt)).

ou_process(mean, sigma, tau, duration[, dt, ...])

Ornstein–Uhlenbeck input.

sinusoidal_input(amplitude, frequency, duration)

Sinusoidal input.

square_input(amplitude, frequency, duration)

Oscillatory square input.