class brainpy.fdeint(alpha, num_memory, inits, f=None, method='l1', dt=None, name=None)[source]#

Numerical integration for FDEs.

  • f (callable, function) – The derivative function.

  • method (str) – The shortcut name of the numerical integrator.

  • alpha (int, float, jnp.ndarray, bm.ndarray, sequence) – The fractional-order of the derivative function. Should be in the range of (0., 1.].

  • num_memory (int) – The number of the memory length.

  • inits (sequence) – A sequence of the initial values for variables.

  • dt (float, int) – The numerical precision.

  • name (str) – The integrator name.


integral – The numerical solver of f.

Return type: